Our Compassionate Euthanasia Process at Ark Angel Vet

At Ark Angel Vet, we deeply understand the special bond between pets and their families. Our in-home euthanasia service has been thoughtfully designed to ensure a peaceful and dignified farewell for your beloved pet, minimising stress and discomfort during their final moments. 

Our approach is not only focused on the well-being of your pet but also on providing support and solace to you and your family, helping to memorialise the life of your cherished companion with grace and respect.

The Medical Process

Our euthanasia procedure is conducted with the highest degree of care and sensitivity, comprising three essential steps:

Pain Relief and Twilight Sedation

The process begins with administering pain relief and a sedative, ensuring your pet is calm, comfortable, and free from distress.

General Anaesthesia

Following sedation, a general anaesthetic is applied, placing your pet in a peaceful, unconscious state before the final step.


The concluding stage involves the administration of an IV anaesthetic, allowing your pet to pass gently and without any pain.

The Memorial Process

To honour your pet’s memory and to offer comfort to your family, our memorial process as part of the Perfect Goodbye incorporates several meaningful elements, now including an initial step to ensure ample time for goodbyes:
Goodbye Time

Recognising the importance of not rushing this final farewell, we allocate significant time for you and your family to be ready and say goodbye in your own time. This period allows for reflection, sharing memories, and expressing love, ensuring the process respects your need for a personal and unhurried farewell.

Floral Tribute

Flowers are placed on your pet's body, symbolising love and respect.

Floating Candle

A candle set to float in a water bowl represents the light of your pet's spirit, offering a serene and reflective moment.

Essential Oils

Orange essential oil is gently applied to your pet's coat, providing a sense of calm and serenity.

Gentle Music

Soft, gentle music plays in the background to create a soothing atmosphere during this time of reflection.

Farewell Cards

We provide cards for family members to write their goodbye wishes, which the cremation service can collect to accompany your pet on their final journey.

Following these moments of reflection, I will confirm your pet’s peaceful passing, and if selected, I will arrange for the respectful collection by the cremation service. You will have the opportunity to say your final goodbyes as they are gently taken to the cremation vehicle.

Comfort and Remembrance

To further comfort your family, I will leave you with a “family comfort bag” containing herbal tea, chocolates, a condolence card, and sunflower seeds for planting in remembrance of your beloved pet.

Our goal at Ark Angel Vet is to support you through this transition with compassion, dignity, and respect, ensuring the process is as comforting as possible for you and your pet.