Pet Aftercare Arrangement Options – At Home Pet Euthanasia

At Home Pet Euthanasia Aftercare Options

There are four options available for your pet aftercare arrangements after pet euthanasia at home – Pet cremation, Burial, Aquamation and the Memorial Program at Murdoch University in Perth.

When your beloved pet is facing old age, sickness, or injury, the thought of making pet aftercare arrangements after at home pet euthanasia can be a difficult one.  Having a family discussion and making decisions can help ease stress. This allows you to focus on yourself, your family and your pet.

Options Available for Pet Aftercare Arrangements:

1. Pet Cremation

Pet cremation is the process of reducing a pet’s remains to ashes through high-temperature burning.

The duration of a pet cremation may differ based on the animal’s size and the type of cremation chosen. Generally, a small to medium-sized animal’s cremation procedure can take as long as a couple of hours up to four.

After the cremation is complete, the pet’s ashes are often placed in an urn or container and returned to the owner. The cremation process can take a few days. The ashes are typically processed and returned to the owner within this time frame.

Pet Cremation In Perth North and South

Passing Paws Pet Cremations offers a range of cremation options from Basic Cremation to Premium same day cremation service. After pet euthanasia, your pet is collected from your home and cremated at the facility. You can then either collect your pet’s ashes or arrange to have them delivered back to you at home.

All ashes are returned with a cremation certificate embossed with your pet’s paw print, a tealight candle, and forget-me-not seeds for you to plant in your garden.

Additional services include funeral services which can be hosted and catered for by Passing Paws in their Garden of Rest.

Pet Cremation In Perth South

Evermore Pet Cremation will also collect your pet from your home. They offer a Standard pet cremation service that includes the return of your pet’s ashes, a memorial frame with a poem and everlasting seeds for you to plant in your garden.

Both cremation companies have an extensive range of memorabilia including urns, keepsake boxes and garden plaques for you to remember your precious pet and keep them close.

2. Pet Burial


In the past, burying your pet at home in the suburban backyard was common.

However, tighter council restrictions now prevent this practice.

  • It can be very hard for people who rent and have pets to leave their furry friends behind when they relocate, and this can make the burial process a difficult decision for them.
  • Furthermore, if there are multiple pets in the home, interred pets may be disturbed by digging.
  • The euthanasia drug pentobarbital can persist in a pet’s body for up to one year. Animals other than cats and dogs can be in danger of being poisoned if they consume the remains of a deceased creature, even if it is as small as a mouse.
  • Diseases such as parvovirus can be easily transmitted to other dogs even after the sick pet has passed away.

For these reasons, we generally recommend cremation or aquamation services for bereaved pet families.

3. Aquamation 


Aquamation is becoming an increasingly popular option for pet owners who are looking for an eco-friendly and gentle way to honour their pets after they have passed away.

What is Aquamation?

Aquamation, is a gentle process that uses water instead of fire to return the body back to nature. Also known as alkaline hydrolysis or water cremation is an eco-friendly and water-based alternative to traditional cremation. It is a process that uses water, heat, and alkaline chemicals to break down a body and return it to its natural state.

In Aquamation, the pet’s body is placed in a stainless steel chamber filled with a mixture of water and potassium hydroxide (an alkaline chemical).

The chamber is heated to a high temperature and pressure, causing the body to break down over a period of several hours. The result is an environmentally safe sterile liquid that can be disposed of down the drain or used as a natural fertilizer.

Unlike traditional cremation, which uses high heat and produces emissions that may be harmful to the environment, Aquamation is a more environmentally-friendly option that produces no harmful emissions. It is also a gentler process that does not cause the same level of ash remains as traditional cremation.

Ripple Pet Aquamation provides pick-up and delivery services for pets in the Perth metropolitan area and can also arrange transportation from other areas.

Contact Ripple Pet Aquamation directly to learn more about their services, availability and costs.

4. Murdoch University Educational Memorial Program

Saying goodbye to our pets who are like our best friends is never easy however, their final contribution could be an infinite and lasting one by donating your pets remains to the Educational Memorial Program.

By donating to the Murdoch University School Of Veterinary and Life Sciences you would be providing a critical part of the learning process for current and future veterinarians.

Our pets make a huge difference in our lives. You can enhance and extend the lives of many other pets through a lasting legacy. Veterinary students and clinicians with the School are most grateful and respectful for the invaluable learning and research opportunities provided by the Educational Memorial Program.

To find out more about how this program works download their brochure. 

Pet Aftercare Arrangements & Memorializing Your Beloved Pet

Losing a beloved pet can be a very difficult and emotional experience. No matter what you choose for your pet aftercare arrangement, remember that the most important thing is to honour your pet’s memory in a way that is meaningful to you at this difficult time.

Creating a lasting memory can be achieved by various methods, such as preserving a lock of fur, establishing a memorial garden, or displaying photos and other mementos in a dedicated space.

Take the time you need to grieve and remember the joy that your pet brought to your life.

Questions? Dr Patrick can assist you with making your pet aftercare arrangements at the time of booking a at home pet euthanasia  service. Please contact him on 0408 915 550.

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