In Loving Memory

Remembering the pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge and the paw prints they’ve forever left on our hearts.


Our little Jack Russell – Roley gave us 17 years of his life. They were wonderful happy years full of excitement and adventures. Roleys little body gave as much as it could until it could give no more. I contacted Dr Patrick and asked if he could visit our home to help Roley make his way over rainbow bridge. It was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make but Dr Patrick was so caring and compassionate, he really looked after our little man and allowed us as much time as we needed to say our final goodbyes. 😢 🐶 
Thank you Dr Patrick I will never forget your kindness ♥️

17 year old Jack Russell - January 2022


See me in a raindrop – as it splashes upon a surface    Feel me in the warmth of rays upon Your face    I am there  –  when a leaf moves in the breeze  –  in the perfume of a flower    As the colours of Our journey  –  in the moving spectrum of sunlight  –  seen through Your half closed eyes  –  My Soul lives –  touching Yours forever
Footprints are not always easily seen  –  but they are there soft and dry on the floor beside Your feet    My warm breath still touches Your skin    Feel My head in the crevice of Your  neck    I am happy to know You are safe  –   say ‘Hello’ to Me with Your voice
I am peaceful in My Love for You    On Our journey together – we live through all the colours of a rainbow  –  I am there as a Violet within Your Soul
A rainbow tells You of a promise   It will appear when You least expect   When the sunlight catches colours after the rain    Through Our Love  – know My Soul lives with Yours forever
I do not need an Earthly thing    I live in Your heart where Our memories sing    Love the places where You know You can always find Me – One of them is Your heart
In a quiet moment  –  sit  –  walk  –  share Our times together    Talk to Me  –  see Me in a leaf as it catches the breeze    I run as the wind in the branches
I stay  –  with My Soul touching Yours  –  Forever 

With love from Irene - June 2022 ©


After 11 long years, your time on this earth has come to an end. We called the amazing Dr. Patrick to our house to help our darling boy Nemo to cross the rainbow bridge.
Dr. Patrick made the entire experience as calming as possible for my family and as relaxing as he could for our boy, who passed peacefully in the arms of the ones who loved him after living a brilliant life full of cuddles, treats, walks & endless amounts of love. He allowed us as much time as we needed to say our goodbyes and every final call was entirely up to us & when we were ready.
We will forever miss your clod-hopper feet Nemo, your wonky ears and your uneven teef as you looked up at us. Your eyes spoke to us in ways we can’t describe; we will never forget the light that shone from them.
You’re our beautiful boy, our reason for happiness.
From the start to the very end, thankyou for always being there for me, and for always being my best friend.
We love you always, & we will never forget you.
Forever our big boy❤️
Sleep tight Darling💘
Maddii & Maxine - July 2022