An honourable and respectful experience for pets and for their families.

Home Euthanasia for pets, dogs cats in Perth.

Knowing when to say Goodbye can be one of the most difficult decisions to make when your pet is elderly or ill. Families don’t wish to see their pets suffer needlessly, often preferring the gift of a painless and peaceful passing under the care of their veterinarian.

A Quality of Life assessment provides you with the medical information you need to help you make the best decision for your pet, and to be adequately prepared for the next steps. At Ark Angel Vet we take the time to thoroughly examine your pet, to answer any questions you may have, and to provide options relevant to your pet’s condition. We can also assist with palliative care and help you to keep your pet comfortable and pain-free in the meantime.

Prior to our final visit, we will email you some information about the upcoming procedure. This allows you to spend your last precious moments with your pet without worrying about what to expect next

Until recently the only option available for families wanting to end their pet’s suffering humanely was to visit their local veterinary clinic. However, more families are now choosing to say farewell to their pets in the familiar comfort of their own homes. A peaceful passing at home allows your pet to drift away gently, surrounded by family and familiar smells. Families are also free to arrange a special send-off at one of their pet’s favourite locations, such as a park, river or beach.

At Ark Angel Vet, it’s important to us that you are able to say farewell and honour your pet with the dignity they deserve. With this in mind, we make sure to give you as much time as you need with your pet during your final moments together. To enable the euthanasia process to be as gentle as possible, we may administer a sedative injection or oral tablets first. This allows your pet to gently fall asleep, and prevents any distress from the noise of clippers or the presence of unfamiliar people.

If your pet is to have a euthanasia injection into the leg, an intravenous cannula is often placed. The injection site will be discreetly concealed to prevent any distress, particularly for children. Before Dr Patrick gives the injection he will usually ask you if you are ready, so that you can hold your pet in the final moments while they slip away. This usually happens quickly – often in less than a minute. The injection is not painful and if your pet has been sedated in advance then they are usually not aware of anything.

As a special tribute to your pet, and to provide a little comfort to family members, we provide a candle which can be lit during the procedure if you choose. Flowers are also provided if you wish to scatter them over your pet after they have passed.

These small rituals can help to make the process easier for children by letting them feel involved, and by encouraging them to share their feelings.

After your pet has passed peacefully, we will arrange collection from your home by Passing Paws Pet Cremations. Your pet will be transported respectfully in their very own pet basket, with a paw print blanket to ensure a comfortable journey back to the facility.

Dr Patrick will be on hand to help with larger dogs if required, and to collect a hair cutting if requested. He will also issue a death certificate and send a courtesy notification to your regular vet practice. If there are children present, Dr Patrick will print out a colourful Rainbow Bridge Certificate for them to keep as a memento.

The following day, Dr Patrick will give you a call to follow up and to answer any questions you may have. The caring team at Passing Paws will also be in touch to confirm the cremation arrangements for your pet, and to ensure that any special requests are handled sensitively and respectfully.

Sometimes we need a little extra help to cope after the loss of a beloved pet. Ignoring or suppressing your grief can lead to depression and anxiety in the longer term, so if you find that your grief is not abating or if you feel isolated, it may be time to seek external support.

If you don’t feel comfortable expressing your feelings to a friend or family member, a professional pet grief counsellor will be able to provide you with support and guidance to make the sorrow of losing your beloved pet a little less painful.

Passing Paws hosts free Empathy Sessions where you will be able to share your grief in an understanding and caring environment. If you prefer a private session, we can refer you to a professional pet grief counsellor. Please visit our Resources page for further information.