Pet Euthanasia Pricing

Explore compassionate pet euthanasia services from $395 with our No Fuss, The Perfect Goodbye, and The Perfect Goodbye +Plus Aquamation options, offering peaceful at-home farewells in the Perth Metropolitan area.

Personalised touches, eco-friendly options, and dedicated support for your beloved pet’s dignified goodbye.

For special requests or calls outside of our plans we can generally help, please contact us today.

No Fuss - $395

The Perfect Goodbye - $495

The Perfect Goodbye +Plus Aquamation - $995

Please note we are happy to travel outside of the given areas above however there will be a $99 charge to cover the additional time. If you require an after hours visit again we are happy to assist, there will however be a $99 surcharge applicable.

For any questions about pricing please don’t hesitate to give us a call.