How Much Does Dog Euthanasia Cost In Perth?

A question we often receive is “How much does dog euthanasia cost?” Facing the difficult decision of losing a beloved pet is a challenging and emotional experience. 

As caring pet owners in Perth, you may find yourselves wondering about the cost of dog euthanasia and/or cat euthanasia and how to manage the financial aspect during these trying times.

Choosing Comfort and Compassion For Your Beloved Pet

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Dr. Patrick, a compassionate veterinarian with over 40 years of experience caring for pets in Perth, is here to provide assistance and support.

In this guide, we’ll explore the cost of euthanising a dog or cat euthanasia cost and delve into the benefits of opting for at-home euthanasia for a peaceful and comforting farewell.

Vet euthanasia costs will vary depending on the size and weight of the pet. This needs to be taken into consideration when making the right decision for your financial situation and pet.

How Much Does Dog Euthanasia Cost In Perth?

To make planning and managing your dog euthanasia cost more accessible, Ark Angel Vet offers a fixed fee Mobile Dog Euthanasia service from $349 regardless of their weight. Find out more about your options on our Pricing Page. Most mobile vet euthanasia costs are based on a dog’s weight however, Ark Angel Vet simply charges a fixed fee for pet euthanasia in Perth and the surrounding suburbs.

How Much Does It Cost To Euthanise A Cat?

The cost for cat euthanasia in Perth starts at $349 more information can be found on our Pricing Page.

The fixed fees for pet euthanasia at Ark Angel Vet reflects Dr Patrick’s commitment to providing compassionate and accessible end-of-life care for pets of all sizes.

The goal is to ensure a peaceful dignified goodbye and affordable pet euthanasia service in Perth and surrounding suburbs.

This transparent and inclusive pricing ensures that you won’t be burdened by unexpected costs. Additionally, the same fee applies on Saturdays, but if services are required after hours, on public holidays, or in ‘out of service’ zones, an additional $150 incl. GST will be charged.

Dr. Patrick understands that budget constraints can be difficult, especially during times of emotional distress. If the fee exceeds your budget, please don’t hesitate to contact him directly. He is committed to helping pet owners during times of financial hardship and will do his best to accommodate your needs.

Benefits Of Dog Euthanasia Cost vs. Veterinary Euthanasia Services:

There are numerous benefits to choosing at-home pet euthanasia, both for you and your beloved pet:

  • Comfort and Privacy: Vet clinics can be crowded, noisy, and frightening for pets, particularly for older and very ill ones. At-home pet euthanasia service can provide a peaceful setting allowing you to say goodbye in the quiet, comfort, and privacy of your own home in your pet’s final moments.
  • Familiar Environment: Some dogs have special memories associated with specific places, such as a favourite park or beach. Choosing at-home dog euthanasia allows families to say goodbye in a familiar outdoor setting with cherished memories.
  • Time Flexible: With an at-home pet euthanasia service, you have the flexibility to choose a convenient appointment time. This allows you and your family to prepare emotionally for the process.
  • Inclusive Farewell: Other family members, including children and other pets, can be present to say their goodbyes, providing closure and a shared experience of comfort during this difficult time.
  • Time for Farewell: You can take all the time you need to spend with your pet, both before and after the procedure, without any rush or external pressures.

Ark Angel Vet Ensuring Peace and Comfort Pet Farewell Services in Perth.

Dr. Patrick’s priority is to ensure peace and comfort for you and your pet during this heartfelt farewell. His fixed fee for at-home dog or cat euthanasia includes:

1. Pre-visit Quality of Life Assessment: Dr. Patrick offers a pre-visit phone call assessment at no additional charge if required.
2. Travel Time: He covers travel time of up to 1 hour each way to reach your location. Suburbs include Perth, Nedlands, Claremont, Mosman Park, Fremantle, Hamilton Hill, Booragoon, Como, Victoria Park, Burswood, Belmont, Bayswater, Morely, Balcatta, Osborne Park, Scarborough, Swanbourne. SMS Dr Patrick to enquire about your area.
3. Home Euthanasia Visit: Dr. Patrick allows 1 hour for the euthanasia process, ensuring no one feels rushed during this deeply emotional time.
4. Three-Part Euthanasia Procedure: The procedure comprises sedation, anesthesia, and euthanasia. This unique protocol allows you to comfort your pet during a slow loss of consciousness. If desired, these injections are administered behind a privacy screen to offer discretion and respect for family members.
5. Time Commitment: Dr. Patrick’s total time commitment could be up to 4 hours or more, ensuring a thorough and compassionate process.

6. Extra Memorial Options For Remembrance: We assemble a selection of memorial options which will be made available to the pet owner on the day. (listed below)
7. Additional Assistance: If needed, Dr. Patrick can help in the transfer of your pet to the pet cremation company van, offering comprehensive support during this transitional period.

Ark Angel Vet also works alongside vets in Perth for pet euthanasia at home.

Pet Cremation Services In Perth:

Dr Patrick will provide the pet owner with all the details of pet cremation companies in Perth to make arrangements for this service. This will allow the pet owner to establish a relationship with the cremation company as the owner will need to select options for urns and keepsakes.

Extra Pet Memorial Options 

Dr Patrick also recognises that putting your dog to sleep at home is a deeply personal and emotional decision. With this in mind, Dr Patrick has assembled a selection of memorial options which will be made available to you on the day of the visit.

  • Flowers. Flowers can help to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere in the home, or the petals can be scattered on and around your beloved companion as a way to honour and remember them.
  • A Candle. When lit, a candle can represent the warmth and light of your furbaby’s memory and provide a sense of connection and comfort between family members.

dog euthanasia cost

  • Essential oils. Essential oils such as lavender or chamomile can help to calm the mind and body, promoting a sense of peace and calm. They can have a powerful effect on our emotions. When diffused, some oils, such as bergamot, rose or frankincense can help to uplift the mood and provide emotional support during difficult times.
  • Music. Soft, soothing music has the power to express emotions that may be difficult to put into words. Listening to music that reflects one’s emotions can help family members to feel understood and validated in their grief.
  • A Client Care Pack containing tea and chocolates for your family. The pack also contains useful grief support resources for you to access when the loss of your beloved dog becomes overwhelming.
  • A personal Sympathy Card from Dr Patrick.
  • Grief Counselling during and, if needed, after the visit. A specialist pet grief counsellor may be recommended to assist you through the euthanasia process and beyond.
  • A Rainbow Bridge Certificate of Passing with names of family present. This can be especially valued by children, who are learning about the painful concepts of death and the peaceful passing of their beloved pet.
  • Photographs of the Memorial service for your family’s treasured memories. Dr Patrick is an experienced and skilled photographer who will capture your special moments during the memorial service, or of the family surrounding your dog to say goodbye. 



During such an emotional event the last thing you want to worry about is red tape and formalities. Dr Patrick is on hand to assist with:

  • A death certificate if needed.
  • Notification to your regular veterinarian.
  • The completion of insurance forms if required.

Post-Pet Euthanasia Support


At Ark Angel Vet we understand that putting your pet to sleep is only the beginning of a heart-wrenching grief process. Dr Patrick will check in on you by sending you a text message later the same day and again the following day. He also extends an open invitation for you to call at any time in the future if you require additional support for you or your family.

Murdoch University Educational Memorial Program


Saying goodbye to our pets who are like our best friends is never easy however, if their final contribution could be an infinite and lasting one by donating your pets’s remains to the Educational Memorial Program.

By donating to the Murdoch University School Of Veterinary and Life Sciences you would be providing a critical part of the learning process for current and future veterinarians.

Our pets make a huge difference in our lives. You can enhance and extend the lives of many other pets through a lasting legacy. Veterinary students and clinicians with the School are most grateful and respectful for the invaluable learning and research opportunities provided by the Educational Memorial Program.

To find out more how this program works download their brochure. 

Ark Angel Vet can support this option after the euthanasia process, we highly recommend downloading the brochure review the information contained carefully, prior to making any decisions. Contact Dr Patrick or the EMP coordinator (email in brochure) at the Murdoch University if you have any queries.

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Dr Patrick is caring and compassionate veterinarian with 40 years of experience focusing on pet euthanasia in Perth and surrounds. His top priority is the comfort and well-being of you and your pets

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